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News On Dragonball / Z / GT

: DATE: 10/26/03

We have move to a new location if you would like to keep coming here that fine, but there probable want be anymore updates made to this site please go to are new site

: DATE: 08/31/03

I found this cool thing on msn the other day called msn groups anyway I thought it was pretty sweet so I made a group. I called it Storage Line don't asl way because I have no clue, but you should come take a look you can also join the group for free of course. You can chat view files or pictures that I have added or asst. managers have added, its not really a big thing, but if your a dbz fans then you can enjoy the pictures I put up and chat with other members. Also, I just added New Broly Screen Shots!!! So take a look!!!

: DATE: 07/01/03

I know any fan of dbz has been waiting for the release of the Broly Movies. Well, here's a start Movie 8 Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan which is set to release August 26. You can preorder your copy today at Zstore plus a few new Dragonball releases too.

: DATE: 05/19/03

So Budokai 2 is finally beginning to take form head over to to check out the video clip or at

: DATE: 04/17/03

OK, here whats going down I'm taking most of the Budokai stuff off and just going to start a fan site of DBZ and DBGT. For starters go if u haven't seen all of DBZ I suggest u start watching it on cartoonnetwork if you would rather not buy them, but thoughs that want to spend a little money. You can purchase almost any eposide at the Zstore.

: DATE: 02/19/03

Funimation has finally opened a dragonball gt site!! Heres a list of the Official Sites.

: DATE: 02/11/03

Sorry DBZ Fans I know its been a while, but here they finally are New Budokai Screens. ENJOY!!!

: DATE: 01/11/03

Sorry for not updating in the last little bit. I thought of a little something new so here it the Dragonball Budokai Chat Room Dragonball Z Budokai. Who must have a tripod user name to enter this chat room it's not much, but hey the service is free so what do you expect. I will add some new video clips in a few days if time premits. If anyone would like to help in the creation of this page please contact me by going to the quick contacts at the bottom of the page and click on Goku. DBZ RULES!!!!!

: DATE: 12/22/02

OK I Know you have been waiting for this so here it is new Budokai Videos, but because of are limited space we can only put of two a week so here are this weeks clips which will have to be removed next Saturday night Sorry. But enough of that lets get to the clips these two clips are Cell Vs. Gohan and Cell Vs. 18 which is from were I was fight in tournament mode so please enjoy!!! You must have Windows Media Player to view these clips.

Right Click on the picture and go to Save target as to download these clips

(Round 1)

(Round 2)

: DATE: 12/04/02
I have just added a Guest Book to my site so if you could please sign it.

View My Guestbook
Sign My Guestbook

Also in other news there will be a full review on DBZ Budokai in the next few weeks.

: DATE: 12/01/02

I just added a Dragonball Z: Budokai - Alternate Costume Guide which you can find at Dragonball Z: Budokai.

: DATE: 11/27/02
Budokai Poll scroll down to vote for your favorite character!!

: DATE: 11/27/02
Update on the Dragonballs: When you successfully complete a chapter you are awarded with capsules which may include a Dragonball. You can also purchase them from Mr. Popo's Shop. Dragonballs cost 8000 Zenie. When you get all the Dragonballs (there are seven Dragonballs just incase you didn't know)go to the skill list and select the Dragonballs press X. Then select yes to call Shenron. He will let you select from three Breakthrough Capsules. A Breakthrough Capsule will enable all the characters skills.

Don't forget to reserve your copy of Budokai Today!!! Time is runing out!!!
Don't take a chance on your local retail store being sold out!!
Pre-Order it now!!!!

: DATE: 11/24/02

How does Hercule Fly?

: DATE: 11/23/02
New Budokai Screens!!! We have 92 new sreens check it out Budokai Screens or look under Mulitmedia and click on DBZ: Budokai ScreenShots and go to Page 9.

: DATE: 11/20/02
Three New Budokai Screens!!! Check it out!!!

: DATE: 11/17/02
New Budokai Screens!!! We have 100 new sreens check it out Budokai Screens or look under Mulitmedia and click on DBZ: Budokai ScreenShots.

Also Check Out are DB/Z/GT Movie Clips, Episode Summaries, Music Videos, Full Episode's, Music Files, and Much More!!



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