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DBZ Basic Quiz

Test your knowledge of DBZ!
1. What type of show is Dragonball Z?
a) Cartoon
b) Fighting
c) Anime
d) Funimation

2. What Planet is the Saiyans from?
a) Vegeta
b) Namek
c) Earth
d) Budokai

3. Who raised Goku?
a) Bulma
b) Master Roshi
c) His Father
d) Gohan

4. How many Dragonballs are there?
a) 8
b) 12
c) 7
d) 5

5. Who is Pan's Father?
a) Goku
b) Gohan
c) Trunks
d) Vegeta

6. Who is Trunks Father?
a) Goku
b) Vegeta
c) King Vegeta
d) Yamcha