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: Welcome to DBZ: Budokai Info here we are just posting basic info on the like character list, hidden characters, and much more. This game is sure to make a big impact on DBZ Fans everywhere. I can't wait for it to come out. don't forget to check back ever so often for updates and any other important info concerning Budokai. Please do not forget to get your copy reserved so you want have to chance it. You can reserve your copy now at

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Last time updated: 12/22/02

Game System: Playstation 2
Set Release date: December 4, 2002 (USA)
Pre-sale price: $49.99
Developer: Dimps (from Japan)
Publisher: Infograms


Story Mode: In story mode you will be able play from the Saiyan Saga to the Android Saga maybe the Cell Games Saga i've heard two different stories so as soon as I know for sure I will post this info.

Character list:

1. #16
2. #17
3. #18
4. #19
5. Ginyu
6. Cell
7. Dodoria
8. Freeza
9. Gohan (young)
10. Gohan (teen)
11. Great Saiyaman (Gohan)
12. Goku
13. Mr. Satan (Hucule)
14. Krillin
15. Nappa
16. Piccolo
17. Raditz
18. Recoome
19. Tien
20. Trunks
21. Vegeta
22. Yamucha
23. Zarbon

Alternate Costume Guide:

Sorry About the alternate costume guide some were in transfering the data from the front page to here it was lost, but ever fear were planning on doing an even better one with picture of the costumes which will be up I hope in a few days.