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Japanese Dragonball Episode List
1) Bloomer and Songoku.
2) Oh My, Oh My! No Balls!
3) The Turtle Elder's Candy Cloud.
4) The Kidnapping Goblin, Olong.
5) The Great Yamcha of the Desert.
6) The Midnight Visitors.
7) The Bull Demon Lord of Mount Frying Pan.
8) The Turtle Elderís Kamehameha.
9) The Boss Rabbitís Special Talent.
10) The Dragon Balls are Stolen.
11) The Dragon Finally Appears.
12) The Wish to Shenlon.
13) Son Gokuís Great Transformation.
14) Son Gokuís Rival Appears!
15) The Amazing Girl-Lunch.
16) Lesson 1. The Search for a Rock
17) Risking Oneís Life to Deliver Milk.
18) The Turtle Schoolís Tough Training.
19) The World Championship Martial Arts Tournament Begins.
20) Will the Power of Training Emerge?
21) Kuririn is Endangered!
22) Yamucha vs. Jackie Chung!
23) The Terrifying Giran Appears!
24) Kuririns Valiant Stand.
25) Win Goku! Beware the Diving ďXĒ Attack!
26) Itís the Final Match! Kamehameha!
27) Son Goku is in a Pinch!
28) A Head-On Collision! Power vs. Power!
29) Another Adventure! The Wandering Lake.
30) Pilaf and the Mystery Militia .
31) Egad! A Goku Imposter!
32) The Disappearing Fortress.
33) The Legend of the Dragon.
34) The Fanatic Red Ribbon.
35) Girl of the North, Snow.
36) The Terror of Muscle Tower.
37) The Purple Ninja Appears!
38) Danger! The Alter Eigo Technique.
39) The Mysterious Cyborg Number 8
40) What will you do, Goku? Itís a Monster Blob.
41) The End of Muscle Tower.
42) Youíre in Danger, Eightie!
43) To the City in the West and Burumaís House.
44) Lots of Danger for Goku and His Friends.
45) Beware! The Airborne Trap.
46) Burumaís Big Mistake.
47) The Turtle House is Discovered!
48) Commander Blue Launches His Attack!
49) Miss Lunch is in Danger!
50) The Pirateís Trap.
51) The Guardian Robot.
52) The Treasure is Discovered!
53) Blue Blazing Eyes.
54) Flee, Flee! The Great Escape.
55) Pursued to the Penguin Village.
56) Arare Gets on the Cloud.
57) Arare vs. Blue!
58) Karin, the Holy Place.
59) Taopaipai, the Worldís #1 Hit Man!
60) Kamehameha vs. Dodonpa.
61) Lord Senpyou of Karin Tower.
62) The Effects of the Holy Water...?
63) Son Gokuís Revenge!
64) The Last of Taopaipai.
65) Son Goku Goes on the Offensive!
66) The Red Ribbonís Desperate.
67) Red Leader is Dead!
68) The Last Dragon Ball!
69) The Cute Fortune Teller.
70) The Five Fighters.
71) The Desperate Battle.
72) Son Goku and the Demonís Toilet.
73) The Demonís Beam.
74) The Mysterious 5th Fighter.
75) Formidable Foes Clash!
76) The Identity of the Masked Man...?
77) Pilafís Second Attempt.
78) Shenlon Appears Once More.
79) The Man-Eating Gourd.
80) Son Goku vs. Tenlon.
81) Son Goku Visits the Spirit World.
82) Inoshikacho, the Monster.
83) To the World Championship Martial Arts Tournament, Goku!
84) Battle to be the Best!
85) Preliminary Round Survival.
86) The 8 Finalists.
87) Yamucha vs. Tenshinhan.
88) Go Yamucha! Tenshinhan the Formidable Foe.
89) Terror! Hatred of the Full Moon.
90) Oh My! Itís the Dodonpa!
91) Kuririnís Great Offensive.
92) Thanks for waiting! Hereís Son Goku!
93) An Even Match: Jackie Chung vs. Tenshinhan.
94) Solar Power-The New Crane School Technique.
95) A Great Fight! Son Goku vs. Kuririn.
96) Kuririnís Great Attack.
97) The Final Match. Who is the Best in the World?
98) Battle Power.
99) Tenshinhanís Distress.
100) Live or Die! The Final Tactic.
101) The End of the Tournament! and...?
102) Kuririnís Death. The Frightening Hatred.
103) The Terror of Piccolo-damaio!
104) Come Back to Life, Son Goku!
105) Yajirobi, A Jolly Good Fellow.
106) Demonical Beast. The Coming of Tambarin.
107) Son Gokuís Fury Explodes.
108) Piccolo-damaio Lands.
109) Son Goku vs. Piccolo-damaio.
110) Go Son Goku!
111) The Turtle Elderís Final Demon Incarcerator.
112) Will Demon Lord Piccolo Attain Youth?
113) King Castleís Defenses.
114) Lord Senpyouís Dilemma and Son Gokuís Request!
115) The Water of the Gods.
116) The Turtle Elder Lives!?
117) Son Goku Reborn!
118) Tenshinhanís Resolution!!
119) Will the Legendary ĎDemon Incarceratorí Work?
120) Son Gokuís Fury at Full Power!
121) Son Gokuís Ultimate Challenge.
122) The Final Attempt.
123) The Secret of the Magic Staff.
124) The Holy Temple in the Clouds.
125) Kami Appears.
126) Shenlon Returns.
127) Faster than Lightning.
128) Quiet as the Sky.
129) Son Goku, the Time Traveler.
130) Son Gokuís Opponent is ... Goku!?
131) Each on His Own Path.
132) Hotter than Magma.
133) Reunion Before the Storm.
134) The Stormy World Championship Martial Arts Tournament.
135) The Chosen Eight.
136) Taopaipaiís Counterattack.
137) Son Gokuís Marriage.
138) The Mystery Man, Shen.
139) Son Goku vs. Tenshinhan-The Rematch.
140) True Strength.
141) Four Tenshinhans.
142) Who is Stronger? Kami vs. Piccolo-damaio.
143) With the Future of the World at Stake.
144) The Ultimate Kamehameha is Unleashed.
145) Piccolo-damaioís Super Size Technique.
146) Son Gokuís Trick.
147) All Comes to an End.
148) He did it! Heís the Worldís Strongest Fighter.
149) A Wedding Dress in the Flames.
150) The Phantom Cassowary Bird.
151) Thanks to Chichiís Pre-Marriage Training.
152) Hurry Son Goku! The Mystery of Mt. Gogyo.
153) Mt. Frying Pan Burns: A Life and Death Decision.

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